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Fonts, like humans, have personalities. Some are full of love, some look depressed, some business-like and others just look like a whole lot of fun.

It is very important to notice the message you are sending with your font. Do you want it to look classic, stern, educational or professional?

Without actually realising it, fonts can alter the meaning of the message before you even thoroughly read the contents. It creates your first impression. Have you ever noticed when you are reading and suddenly the typeface changes, your voice and your demeanour can change, just from a simple font?

Who would have thought that something as simple as a font could be such a powerful tool?

Size also matters. If you are reading something in big bold font and in capital letters you know you are being reprimanded about something, even before you have read it you know you are in trouble.

The problem is, people forget about the power of the font and tend to bring their own preference into it. For example, people will often use a script font for an informative message. Firstly, script is a lovely font, on birthday cards, sweet messages etc but sometimes script can be hard to read, which makes the message hard to read, which in turn makes your message of little impact. The lesson to be learnt is ‘don’t make it personal, make the right impression and make the impact you want on the reader’.

Sometimes simple is most effective, clean, crisp and easy to read. Think about the message you are trying to send and then think about how your font will make the person feel.

Font Does Matter!

Here at Virtual Admin UK, we know how much font matters. We also know the importance of a well formatted document that goes along with the font. Let us help you get the right message across.

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