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The Key to Perfect Medical Reports – Outsourcing

As a company, we get asked to produce medical reports on behalf of clients on a daily basis. Most commonly within the fields of psychology and orthopaedics. Although we do sometimes get asked to create expert reports for General Practitioners. Typically, this will involve typing up reports from Medial Expert Witnesses to produce reports commonly known as medical-legal-reports. (Though sometimes these are referred to as medico-legal-reports.) But what makes a good medical report?

We believe that it is important to have a strong team of highly experienced medico-legal report typists, with medical and/or legal backgrounds, just as we do, behind the scenes, utilising their knowledge to compile these reports and ensure they are of the highest quality. The typists should be familiar with the common medical terms and able to listen to dictation, or take a brief description and organise this in to a solid medical report format. They should have the ability to state with precision and clarity, the facts and medical opinions of our Experts objectively and without bias.

Another key point is to ensure that the team you are using have an exceptional grasp on English spelling and grammar. If they don’t, your report will not be up to scratch. When you consider that these reports may at any time be required by solicitors, the police or even coroners, this is absolutely crucial. One of the most important aspects of medico-legal report typing is maintaining confidentially and the privacy of both our Experts and the parties involved. We take protecting our clients very seriously.

Interestingly enough, however, this set up can often be hard to achieve. Recruiting the right people takes time and money, as does ensuring that they are trained to the right standard. Recruitment mistakes can often cost you even more when you have to replace someone that just isn’t up to scratch. This is why many businesses within the medical field choose to outsource their medical reports to companies like ours. It usually costs much less and involves minimal time effort from you.

So before you start getting in touch with recruitment agencies and lining up interviews with prospective candidates, perhaps consider getting in touch with us. For a limited time, new clients can benefit from a ten percent discount on their first five reports. Simply click here to send us a message today.


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