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The Journey of a VA

I have been a VA for over a year now. Not years like my esteemed colleagues. I have learnt so much this past year.

Take one of my colleagues for example, she can type up a medico-legal report before I’ve even finished making my morning cup of coffee! She can pick up ‘inaudibles’ in a dictation that no one else can. Another colleague is the formatting genius who can take the most atrocious looking document and produce a document nothing short of a creative masterpiece. Another colleague is a whizz at creating the perfectly styled and professionally written resume.

My skills, however, are still developing in these areas. I am a creative writer who can whip up some snappy content for your blog, social media post, a services advertisement or personal profile. Sure, I can do dictation and copy typing. In fact, one of my favourite things to do is retype academic or educational papers from handwritten notes. These are most interesting and I always learn something new.

My point I would like to make with this post; however, is to highlight one of the most important assets one can utilise in becoming the best VA one can be: Your network of experienced colleagues.

  • Ask questions before allowing the trap of panic to set it. I have found my colleagues to be more than receptive to my questions and they have given me valuable guidance, along with much of their patience.

  • Take the criticism. Constructive criticism is your friend. It is by far one of the best learning tools.

  • Double-check your work - always, then re-check it. I have learned that once I have completed an assignment, I need to step away from the computer and go do something completely different before coming back for the final check. This short break allows your brain to reset and gives you a pair of fresh eyes to spot errors. Then send it to a willing colleague who will pick up anything that you may have missed. (My VA colleagues are well practised in the art of confidentiality and privacy so I know my work is always safe in their hands).

  • Learn from your colleagues’ experience, not just their skills. VAs of many years are highly adept at knowing the most efficient and least complicated ways to accomplish tasks and are experts at time-management. These are abilities that develop over time.

Lastly, becoming a VA is exactly that, it is a process of becoming. It takes time. You will make mistakes. You will learn, sometimes by being thrown in at the deep end! One day you will wake up and realise you have all these skills and abilities that you didn’t before, it will fill you with a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Enjoy every moment of your journey!

*Virtual Admin UK adheres strictly to the data protection act and work is never shared with any unauthorised parties.

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