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The Importance of A Strong Online Presence

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Since the rise of the internet first began, the need for a strong online presence has grown tremendously. Google tells us that 97 percent of individuals actually look for local businesses online, and while word of mouth is as valuable as it has ever been, you’re missing out massively if your business isn’t online. But what exactly will you be missing out on?


These days, having a business website is so commonplace, that not having one actually harms your credibility. You aren’t seen as having a professional set up if you don’t have a website. A social media page is just as important. A person looking to potentially use your services or purchase your products will always head to social media to check you out, and not being on there is often a red flag. People may assume you’re not well established if they can’t find you on Facebook.


When you have a quality website, you can display reviews from happy customers and clients. But even more importantly, being part of such sites as Trust Pilot, Trip Advisor and Which all have a massive impact on business growth. It allows potential customers and service users to see what unbiased, honest people think of you as a business and your customer service.


This is such an important aspect of business for anyone who is looking to grow and expand their horizons, and online platforms like LinkedIn, are an essential part of this. You can reach out to a multitude of people in your industry and your target audience just by connecting and sharing quality business related content on your page. This can assist you with collaborative work, business partnerships and expanding your service offerings. It’s also a key way of finding quality staff.

Data Capture

When your online presence is strong, and your website and social media platforms are all working effectively for you, it becomes easy to incorporate ‘call to action’ and direct people to a landing page. Here, you can capture the information of potential customers and clients, get them to sign up to receive your newsletter, and have a direct inroad when it comes to marketing your products and services to them. The internet is a great place for capturing and qualifying quality leads from genuinely interested people.

We think these points are reason enough to ensure that you have a strong online presence, but if you can think of other great reasons, then please feel free to drop them in the comments below!

And if you haven’t established your own online presence just yet, then it’s time to get cracking! Don’t you think?


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