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My son woke up this morning after having a late night and said he just can’t face the day. He just can’t go to school. He is tired and needs a day in bed to recoup.

It got me wondering, how many times do we feel like this a week, a month, a year. Do we all feel like this or is it a small minority? I do wonder. The amount of times that I have woken up, especially when it is cold and raining and just thought, ‘I cannot face the day’. But what do I do, I crawl out of bed like a monster crawling out of their dark cave and I walk to the bathroom and there it goes, I start my day! Regardless of how lethargic I feel, the aches and pains I feel or how much work is facing me, I just face the day.

But do we all just face the day? Come on, be honest, how many of you have called in sick just to stay in your dark warm cave. I wonder if it is the majority or the minority. I don’t think I have ever just called in sick just to stay in my cave. I think I would be too scared that someone knew I was ‘faking it’.

I do long for a day where I can just wake up, grab a coffee, get back into bed and binge watch ‘Peaky Blinders’ from start to finish. If only.

Which brings me to my question, what motivates you to get up in the mornings? What makes you crawl out of your dark cave? Me, personally, it is my child, my coffee, my husband, my work, my clients, my obligations for the day, my targets, my associates, money.

Everyone needs a reason, these are mine, what are yours?

Perseverance equals success.


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