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One of our highly skilled Virtual Assistants:

As a registered Psychometrist of 7 years, I have become intimately familiar with the puzzled expressions when I tell people what I do for a living. “A Psycho…. What?” or that blank expression followed by a quick change of conversation.

Contrary to the first google results that one is met with when searching for ‘Psychometry’, being a Psychometrist has absolutely nothing to do with communicating with spirits in the psychic world!

To become a Psychometrist is not a 3-day course or a form of psychoscopy, but rather a field of study that requires one of the following degrees, a BPsych, or a BA(Psychology), BA (Honours) and a 6-month, often unpaid, internship.

So, what does a Psychometrist do? Psychometrics is a varied field of expertise that includes psychological assessment in neuropsychology, development, education, recruitment and self-development. Being a Psychometrist does not only involve handing out papers and entering scores into a computer. It is a combination of the science of numerical data, the art of interpreting the results and relating these results in a meaningful way to an often-vulnerable subject. This means, finding the best assessments to measure the right constructs, making a note of observations during the assessment, converting and understanding scores and then using results from different assessments and integrating them into a meaningful report and feedback.

I have worked in a variety of these settings. Doing medico-legal from an Educational Psychologist perspective, integrating results from different measures used in the recruitment & development projects of big companies (including the Department of Public Services and Administration in South Africa) for a Human Resource Management company, assessing learners to support their application to the Department of Education for concessions (access arrangements), as well as assessments for children that need guidance in making subject choices or trying to decide on a career.

As you can gather from the above, you would have most certainly had experiences with Psychometry in your everyday life! When you go for that high-profile job interview, or when you need an aptitude assessment to aid you in choosing your dream career at university, you are being assisted by the field of Psychometry to find your ‘fit’ and make educated decisions.

I am currently using my skills and experience in a Virtual Assistant business by assisting Psychologists with administrative tasks (like email management, CRM management, lead generation, research etc) psychometric assessments and report writing or proofreading.

For further information on how I can assist you in reaching your business goals, please contact Virtual Admin UK. - Michelle


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