Medico-Legal Report Typing

One of the main sectors in Virtual Admin UK is our Medico-Legal Reports team.

Firstly, if you are a new Medical Expert, we can create a template for your medical reports in line with the standard Medco requirements.

Our team of experienced professional medical assistants can either type up the reports from both completed questionnaires compiled by both the claimant and the expert as well as type from the expert's transcripts.

The services we provide around Medical Experts are:

* Medical Report typing,

* Invoicing,

* Uploading reports to respective CRM's/Portals,

* Account management/conciliation for Medical Experts,

* Liaising with Medical Agencies,

* Appointment making with claimants,

* Medical Expert's Diary Management,

* Typing of general correspondence.

We type all reports but currently, we specialise in:

* Orthopaedic reports,

* Psychological reports,

* General Practitioner reports,

* Forensic reports.

The head of our Psychology Reports Team has a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science & Social Services specialising in Applied Psychology which enables her to understand the necessity of the reports and the required content.


The owner of Virtual Admin UK has many years of experience as a Legal Assistant and therefore understands the legal requirements of the reports.

We are familiar with most of the main Medical Agencies and the CRM's/Portals which they utilise.


We understand medical professionals have a great responsibility and our aim is to assist the Medical Expert in every way we can to take that added stress off their shoulders.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.