Document Production and Design

Formatting and editing of documents:

Formatting is the creation of a clean, consistent document that can include, for example, numbering, headings, tables and images. These documents can be typed from scratch and formatted or we can tidy up a document that is already produced but needs some attention.  

We format and edit all types of documentation from legal documents to training manuals.

This book was typed, formatted, typeset and published by Virtual Admin UK.


Once your document is typed, edited, formatted and proofread, it will need to be typeset in preparation for printing. We will prepare the correct font, layout and design to your document ready for publishing.

Letterheads, posters, newsletters, flyers, logo's and design work:

We will design marketing material based on your requirements.

We can produce your monthly newsletters, flyers or just simple letterheads.

We can also be creative with our document production, for example, a CV that includes a portfolio.

Promotional videos:

Engaging with your client base is what helps you to stand out and will create sales for your business. We can create promotional videos for your business or personal use. 

Template creation:

We at Virtual Admin UK can create any template for personal or business use. We will include fields, images, predefined page layouts, fonts, styles and automated text. Templates are used in everyday business life such as basic letters, reports et cetera.