For all businesses, time is money. 


We at Virtual Admin UK understand that every task is different and most importantly, every client is different. We are therefore happy to discuss a tailor-made package to suit your needs and help you to attain more money for your time.


Please call us to discuss further.

Hourly Rate:

Our hourly rate is £25 per hour. 

All of our time is accurately recorded and produced upon request.

Medical Reports:

The fee for medical report typing depends on the type of report it is, i.e. a Consultant Orthopaedic report or a GP report et cetera. It also depends on the time taken to prepare the report and the format in which we receive the information for the report.  As medical reports are in a category on their own we tailor specific packages to your needs. Please contact us to discuss further and we can arrange a package to suit you. 

We will be happy to do your first 2 reports for free.


£10 per 1000 words for printed text and £12 per 1000 words for handwritten text.

Typing which includes tables or extra formatting will be charged at £25 per hour.

Document Formatting / Editing:

Standard £25 per hour.

Depending on the complexity, we can generally format approximately 20 pages in 1 hour.

All our time is accurately recorded and we will charge you according to the final amount of time taken per task.


Our transcription rates start at £1.10 per audio minute plus £0.20 per additional speaker. Poor quality recordings may incur a surcharge.

Administration support/Virtual Assistant:

Standard fee of £25 per hour.

Please note: A minimum fee of £15 will apply for small tasks.

(Please see our fee package proposals under services for further information).

Website Design:

We currently offer a 1 page Wix Website for £99.

Give us a little insight into your business and creative side and we can design a website specially tailored to your business needs. Websites are a great way to increase your company’s visibility in your chosen industry and create an additional way for prospective new clients to contact you.
Please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Please note: Additional costs such as domain costs et cetera will apply.

So, please let us know what your requirements are and we will get back to you with a plan specially designed for your business.

For a quick quote please upload your work on our website and we will return to you as soon as possible or alternatively call us to discuss your requirements.